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State Representative Charlie Geren

Charlie Geren and the Geren family have been fixtures in Fort Worth and Northwest Tarrant County for years. People around here know them because they’ve always worked hard to keep our area as strong as it can be. Whether it’s through volunteer work or employing folks at Railhead Smokehouse, Charlie’s restaurant, or through politics, Charlie and his family are the kind of people who do what’s right when no one’s lookin’. Frankly, that’s what America needs more of right now.

As your Republican State Representative, Charlie has fought to protect our local economy and the local companies, small, medium, and large that keep our neighbors on the job. Charlie’s a staunch defender of individual rights. He fought for and passed strong pro-property rights reform. He’s a protector of our 2nd Amendment rights. And he’s voted for sound fiscal policies that balance budgets and keep taxes low so the private sector can grow.

For his strong, conservative voting record, Charlie’s been named a “Champion for Free Enterprise,” by the Texas Association of Business and a “Most Valuable Player” by the NFIB. And Charlie’s been listed as one of “Texas’ Top Legislators,” by Texas Monthly magazine. Most important, Charlie Geren’s one of us. He’s always there when we need him. Email or call him today. His cell phone number is 817-624-9999. He’s here to serve you, as long as you need him.

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